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The story unfolds on the continent of Spiravotum, a region of many cities. Rorashadan, a metropolis with superior technology, rules over all, forcing the other capitals to bow to their power or fall to civil war and strife.
An outlying farming village, fallen to squalor and depravity, is where the adventure begins.
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Explore the World : The Flux

" My mind was broken.. My self lost.
The Flux had taken all vestiges of sanity left in me...
The whispers of those mad gods still haunt my dreams..
Or my reality...I know not what to deem sacred...

Explore the World : The Sireene

“ The Psychotic Sireene Obtain the Dream State though barbaric, masochistic endeavours that incorporate years of meditation. After many, many years of this nonsense they can assume that state at...

Explore the World : Rufiq Town

(Roo-fik Town)

The people of Rufiq Town are similar to many in the backwaters of Spira Votum; uneducated, brutish - a haphazard collection of drunken farmers and unsophisticated plantation growers.

Explore the World : Rufiq Town : Da East End

Felix is the leader of Da East End. He would do anything to beat his arch rival, Walter! The east end kids follow him blindly. Jay is his right hand and best friend, though Felix prefers Bennie who...

Explore the World : Rufiq Town : Da West End

Walter is the leader of the West end gang, a collection of youths comprised from the families that live on the West side of Bunty’s Tavern. Along with his adopted brother, Elmer, Walter quickly...

Explore the World : Renore

It was the dead of night when I escaped into the dead city of Renore, It had perplexed me at the time; they had stopped at the cities edge and dared not go in.
Oh I knew and heard the tavern...

Explore the World : Rorashadan

-Rorashadan -

The great metropolis of Rorashadan is powered by The Atlas Projekt a device of seemingly endless wireless electricity, whereas all other City States still rely on steam power. With the...

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The Atlas Projekt will be taking a break for now. It has been many years of hard work for me to bring this out to everyone, and I thank you all for the support.

Unfortunately some changes are coming up...

Concept art!

So sadly there will be no new page this week. I blame a very busy holiday period – too much socializing, drinking and eating and not enough drawing :’(
It was almost done. But instead of rushing I...

Here we go!

So this is my first solo page for a very long time and characters not seen for quite some time as well...

Eos and Mr.Mowsteen!

So in this latest patch update we have-
-New Font
-New Style
-Sounds! ( check...

Studio Update

So… last week I talked of a big change style wise and from next week there is going to be ANOTHER big change yet again.
Mr.Jenkins will not be continuing from here on in, I will be taking over all the...

Studio Update

The East celebrates its first win over the West in four turns, with a Brand New Inker!!
Will they be able to hold the wall for the remainder of Off Day and claim the first official win to The East?

We are back!

We have returned! Mr.Jenkins is on the mend and we are happy to finally giving you guys some content again! We really don’t want another break like that if we can help it. So we are going to be...

-KLANK- News report!



We have a bit of unfortunate news to share, Jenki has injured his shoulder, so we will not be able to get out the next release of T.A.P on schedule.

Don’t be too alarmed; things are on...

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Mr Mowsteen

Mr Mowsteen!

All of us here at Projektz absolutely adore Mr Mowsteen! When we thought about which character we wanted to launch our plush collectible line with, Cecil’s Mr Mowsteen was easily the...

New Release! New Website! New products! Check it!

Rok Warz continues as Walter takes it to the next level!

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