Explore the World : Rufiq Town : Da East End

Author: Jakub Rejlich

Posted: 04/09/2015

Felix is the leader of Da East End. He would do anything to beat his arch rival, Walter! The east end kids follow him blindly. Jay is his right hand and best friend, though Felix prefers Bennie who doesn't say much and follows Felix even more blindly then others. Felix often puts him at the front of the most dangerous plans!

Tilly the gargantuan daughter of the village healer is big and strong and is often used as a mount for the estranged Lulu who has decided she and Tilly are best friends, though she treats Tilly more like a pet than a friend.

Ida and Irma The blacksmiths twin daughters, melancholly and aloof, are always followed by Gilbert and Lenny, known as the bucket boys.

Together they form the youth of Da East End, their mission... TO WIN OFF DAY!

"Der aint no way Dat Walter is gonna win dis Off day! I got me plans, I do! Da oldies are gonna go crazy!" - Felix