Explore the World : Rufiq Town : Da West End

Author: Jakub Rejlich

Posted: 04/09/2015

Walter is the leader of the West end gang, a collection of youths comprised from the families that live on the West side of Bunty’s Tavern. Along with his adopted brother, Elmer, Walter quickly rose to fame, gaining notoriety among his fellow Westies in the crude traditional sport of Rufiq town, contested between the East and West.
In the crew you have Franek the troublemaker, and Hazel, his foul mouthed sister; Percy is the butchers boy, and there is Ella who wears a blue flower in her hair, "just like her sister" (who has the acclaimed title of being one of "Bunty’s girls"). Along with the refugees, Eos and Cecil, they make up the West End!
Walter's aspiration is to become a soldier of Rorashadan, just like his father, whose abandoned uniform Walter wears every day, all day, with pride.

“OKAY! DIS IS IT! It's time to bring out da big guns and end dis SHIT….” – Captain Walter.