Explore the World : Renore

Author: Jakub Rejlich

Posted: 04/09/2015


It was the dead of night when I escaped into the dead city of Renore, It had perplexed me at the time; they had stopped at the cities edge and dared not go in.
Oh I knew and heard the tavern tales, what self respecting rogue wouldn't, but I treated those drunken stories as most rational people do, with a degree of skepticism.
I have been in my fair share of crypts, the odd spirit never concerned me.
I had laughed at their feeble minds and my good fortune as I ran down deserted laneways of the once great city. Praising The Great Harlequinn Goddess for blessing this trickster once more.

But as I moved deeper into the city, now looking for a hovel to stay out the night I understood why they didn't follow...

At first it was whispers and then there was movement in the corner of my eyes, in the frame of broken windows I saw what seemed to be shadowy forms peering at me. I thought it must be the moonlight playing tricks with my mind and decided to not gaze where the imagination could wander.

Cold chills frequently went up my spine and an intense fear gripped my soul.
I moved into an abandoned building to wait until dawn before continuing.

It was not long before I jumped with a start as a sharp pain hit my forearm, I put it under what little light the moon offered to notice bite marks of some feral animal that had no right to be there.

I was aghast. In my horror I looked around blindly, only to be confronted with the disembodied voices of giggling children.

I did a small gesture of devotion to the trickster goddess as I considered my options.

At this point I realized I stood between two fates.. the city or the mercenaries sent to kill me.

-Manson Otto Gambler/Thief-