Explore the World : Rorashadan

Author: Jakub Rejlich

Posted: 04/09/2015

-Rorashadan -

The great metropolis of Rorashadan is powered by The Atlas Projekt a device of seemingly endless wireless electricity, whereas all other City States still rely on steam power. With the use of this superior technology, Rorashadan imposes itself over the rest of Spiravotum, only the Northern city states still allied with The Sireene withstand its might. For the rest, their choice is destruction or fealty.

"So they wish to surrender now? Has their will been so easily broken by Rorashadan? The day House Warhurst accepts surrender from rebelling Outland filth is the day we write our eternal shame on the wall of tears. Bring to the attention of all Dreadnought commanders and navigators to destroy everything, burn the village down and kill the very earth it stands on - take no prisoners. Let this be a lesson."

- General Arken of House Warhurst-