Studio Update

Author: Jakub Rejlich

Posted: 15/12/2015

So… last week I talked of a big change style wise and from next week there is going to be ANOTHER big change yet again.
Mr.Jenkins will not be continuing from here on in, I will be taking over all the work for The Atlas Projekt. This is the last page we will be doing together.

What this means is it now will be a solo job. It will not affect release dates; in fact in the future I aim to do more than just one a week. I am really excited to see how it goes, it will be in black and white, but I will be adding in a lot more details, I would like to add elements of colour in the future as well. I hope you guys enjoy it.

Jason has wanted to do his own comic and has been working towards it for quite a long time and the added load of taking on my project as well has been too much when he really wants to focus on his own dream.
He has my full support in this and I really appreciate from the bottom of my heart all the work he has done with me.
He has already started on his own project if you’re interested his fbook page is -

Time to Fight!