Explore the World : The Flux

Author: Jakub Rejlich

Posted: 04/09/2015

" My mind was broken.. My self lost.
The Flux had taken all vestiges of sanity left in me...
The whispers of those mad gods still haunt my dreams..
Or my reality...I know not what to deem sacred anymore."


- The Flux -

In the world of Spira Votum the Fourth Dimensional plane is known as "The Flux".

Within The Flux thoughts and emotions have energy. For beings outwardly restricted within the Third Dimension, The Flux is accessed through the mind and dreams.

Some gifted individuals, dubbed "Dream Walkers", have the ability to access this plane at will, to lucid dream, and to bring these dreams back to the Third Dimension.

Inside the swirling vortex of The Flux, energies gain sentience; Great beings the people call Gods and terrible Demons that feed on nightmares... Entities of salvation and of despair.

The Atlas Projekt Graphic Novel invites Fine Artists to do images of iconic scenes. We do not believe that every page must be the same but that different styles have more emotional and visual impact.

This is an example of one of these pages - this painting created by our first Guest Artist, Krystyna Rejlich.

-The Matriarch-

Oil on Canvas
75.5cm x 100cm
by Krystyna Rejlich