Explore the World : Rufiq Town

Author: Jakub Rejlich

Posted: 04/09/2015

(Roo-fik Town)

The people of Rufiq Town are similar to many in the backwaters of Spira Votum; uneducated, brutish - a haphazard collection of drunken farmers and unsophisticated plantation growers.
Like many of the small farming towns, their community centers around a tavern.
Self-appointed town leader and tavern owner, Bunty, organises the town's exports of Mookolo and Yelims, among other commodities, to Rorashadan and in return the town is supplied with protection from bandits and with copious amounts of alcohol.
Work is hard but the community keeps up with demand, once a week they let their pants down and drink in celebration of OFF DAY, sitting back with one of Bunty's best and slapping down a bet on their traditional sport, played between the East and West ends.

" DRINK! DRINK! DRINK! and those who LAST take YA PICK !!"

- Bunty

Digital Painting

By Kael Ngu