The Atlas Projekt will be taking a break for now. It has been many years of hard work for me to bring this out to everyone, and I thank you all for the support.

Unfortunately some changes are coming up for me and it is not going to be financially viable to continue at this stage.

I do plan on continuing the story in the future and when I come back it will be with the same fire in my belly that I had when I started it.

In the mean time I plan to develop my skills as an artist, so watch this space for updates.

Thank you everyone for joining me in my journey so far!

Concept art!

So sadly there will be no new page this week. I blame a very busy holiday period – too much socializing, drinking and eating and not enough drawing :’(
It was almost done. But instead of rushing I decided I will share with you guys one of the first finalized concept images of the characters, and I guess a bit of a splash page which has never been seen before. This is around 2 years old mind you.
Many of the characters got worked over and were changed but not in a huge way.
The Mookolo’s look more like buffalos and the Warrior women of The Sireene up in the top left did get a thorough working over with Akasma being the least changed.
So back into it next week with new content!
I plan to make this year a big year with T.A.P and I want to thank everyone who has stuck around for the last year.
With that I wish everyone a happy New Years and to keep fighting in whatever dreams you have!

Here we go!

So this is my first solo page for a very long time and characters not seen for quite some time as well...

Eos and Mr.Mowsteen!

So in this latest patch update we have-
-New Font
-New Style
-Sounds! ( check out some earlier pages for some goodies- page4 in the prologue page 9 and 11 in chapter 1 )
Check out the archive and make sure you click a page BEFORE those numbered to get the effect.
More to come in the sound and music department soon..

Hope everyone has a fantastic Xmas and gets spoilt rotten!


Studio Update

So… last week I talked of a big change style wise and from next week there is going to be ANOTHER big change yet again.
Mr.Jenkins will not be continuing from here on in, I will be taking over all the work for The Atlas Projekt. This is the last page we will be doing together.

What this means is it now will be a solo job. It will not affect release dates; in fact in the future I aim to do more than just one a week. I am really excited to see how it goes, it will be in black and white, but I will be adding in a lot more details, I would like to add elements of colour in the future as well. I hope you guys enjoy it.

Jason has wanted to do his own comic and has been working towards it for quite a long time and the added load of taking on my project as well has been too much when he really wants to focus on his own dream.
He has my full support in this and I really appreciate from the bottom of my heart all the work he has done with me.
He has already started on his own project if you’re...

Studio Update

The East celebrates its first win over the West in four turns, with a Brand New Inker!!
Will they be able to hold the wall for the remainder of Off Day and claim the first official win to The East?
Or will Captain Walter figure out a way to beat The Mighty Felix and his Bucket Boyz?!

We are really excited to bring you guys a new art style, we hope you like it!
So what has changed?
In the past I have not been able to ink my own work due to not having the right tools. Now I can! (Thanks everyone who helped me get a cintiq!)

This allows Mr.Jenkins to totally focus on the colouring.
Thanks everyone for supporting us thus far, we only aim to get better and better in the future!

We are back!

We have returned! Mr.Jenkins is on the mend and we are happy to finally giving you guys some content again! We really don’t want another break like that if we can help it. So we are going to be releasing one page a week every Tuesday AEST (That is Monday for our US fans). This is something we can do for sure, and if we accumulate an excess of pages then we will release 2 etc. But the most important thing is to be giving you something every week.

-KLANK- News report!



We have a bit of unfortunate news to share, Jenki has injured his shoulder, so we will not be able to get out the next release of T.A.P on schedule.

Don’t be too alarmed; things are on the mend so this is not going to be a huge delay.

We aim to have more concrete scheduled releases, and I hope you can forgive and have some patience as we work out how much we can do.

We are looking forward to bringing you the next release asap, which culminates in the battles climax and a return of two characters who haven’t been seen for a while :)

Keep an eye out as in the meantime I will be throwing together some character profiles as well.


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